Cuba in the ’90s. The world is changing dramatically and Cuba is drowning in hunger, cigars and rum. In this grim landscape, the lives of Candelaria (64), and Victor Hugo (63), a couple who stays together out of inertia, take a surprising turn the day Candelaria finds a video camera…


Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza was born in 1975 in Quibdó, Colombia. Before he founded his own production company Antorcha Films in 2003, Jhonny Hendrix has worked as manager and organizer for the film and video festival CinMilimetros in Cali, Colombia from 1999-2001.
As a producer, he was involved in such projects as the feature films “Dog Eat Dog” by Carlos Moreno and “Dr. Alemán” by Tom Schreiber. His directorial debut “Chocó” premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2012.
Among his recent projects are the feature films “Clítoris” and “Suadó”, the latter of which was
the 2014 winner of the Colombian production fund.



Candelaria: Veronica Lynn
Victor Hugo: Alden Knight
Carpenter: Philipp Hochmair
Negro: Manuel Viveros


Director: Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza
Screenplay: Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza & Maria Camila Arias
Camera: Soledad Rodriguez
Sound: Miller Castro
Production design: Jesica Suarez
Costume: Lisandra Ramos
Editing: Anita Remón., Mauricio Leiva, Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza
Music: Alvaro Morales


Antorcha Films, Colombia
Razor Film, Germany
Dag Hoel DHF, Norway
Pucarà Cine, Argentina
Producciones de la 5ta avenida, Cuba


World Cinema Fund, Germany
Sorfond, Norway
Fondo para el desarrollo cinematográfico (FDC) Colombia
INCAA, Argentina


World Sales:

Beta Cinema

German Distributor:


Awards & Festivals:

Director’s Award, 14th edition of Venice’s Giornate degli Autori, 2017
Audience Award, Cinélatino Recontres de Toulouse
Jury’s special mention, International Film Festival of Kerala
World Premiere: 14th edition of Venice’s Giornate degli Autori, 2017
Filmfest München, 2018
30th edition of Cinélatino – Recontres de Toulouse
Ajaccio Spanish and Latin American Film Festival
22nd International Film Festival of Kerala