Mr Kaplan


Angered by his age and the fear of death and oblivion, Jacob Kaplan embarks on an epic, memorable and quixotic adventure to give meaning to his life. His unusual project pursues the goal to capture a quiet and elderly German man, who, he is convinced, is a runaway Nazi.


Alvaro Brechner was born in Montevideo, 1976. Alvaro’s feature debut, Mal día para pescar (Bad Day to go Fishing) was selected in competition at the 48th International Critic’s Week of Cannes Film Festival. It received over 30 awards and participated in 60 International Festivals, includ­ing Montreal, Warsaw (Best Film, Free spirit), Los Angeles (Best Film, Opera prima), Mar del Plata (Best Actor), Austin (Best Film & Audience Award), Moscow, Shanghai, Brooklyn (Best Director), Sofia (Best Film Fipresci), São Paulo, Pusan, Haifa, Stockholm, Lima (Best Script) and La Habana. It won 10 Uruguayan Critics Awards (Fipresci), 3 Iris Award and was nominated by the Spanish Critics for Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor. It was also Uruguay’s Oscar candidate for Best Foreign Film.
Alvaro has also directed several documentaries for History Channel, Odyssey, TVE and three Short Films selected in more than 140 International Film Festivals. He also received the National Literature Award by the Uruguayan Ministry of Culture (1999).



Jacobo Kaplan: Héctor Noguera
Contreras: Néstor Guzzini
The German: Rolf Becker


Writer & Director: Alvaro Brechner
DoP: Alvaro Gutiérrez
Set Design: Gustavo Ramírez
Costume: Alejandra Rosasco
Original Sound: Fabián Oliver
Editor: Nacho Ruiz Capillas


Producers: Alvaro Brechner, Mariana Secco, Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul
A Razor Film Produktion in coproduction with Expresso Films (Uruguay) and Baobab 66 Films (Spain)
Funding Germany: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Broadcaster Germany: ZDF/arte



Memento Films


Neue Visionen


Biarritz Festival Latin America 2014
Busan International Film Festival
London BFI
Chicago International Film Festival
International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa